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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 29, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello, everyone. welcome to our viewers from the united states and around the world. breaking news out of london. several people have been injured in a stabbing incident near london bridge. the video is graphic. you can see in this video a man on the bridge right there, holding a knife. then you can hear gunshots fired by the police. police say they are treating this as a terror-related incident and one man has been detained. nearby stores and railway stations are on lock to dunn. the situation very fluid, developing by the minute. we're standing by for a press conference any minute now from scotland yard. that is london metropolitan police headquarters. first to our nick paton walsh on the scene with the latest. what do we know at this time?
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>> reporter: minimal confirmed information. this incident started 1:58 in the afternoon, a busy time in this packed central part of london. police were called to an establishment, a premises they say, during which there was a stabbing and it appears as a result of that, a number of people have been stabbed and one man has been shot. we believe the person who has been shot may in fact have been the assailant you see in some of those graphic video es. what is not clear is the cause of the argument. scotland yard, british police, are treating this as terror related but the circumstances remain unclear. there are many reasons a stabbing could occur. gang violence in particular. i am far away from the north of london bridge here, a couple of blocks from the streets here, and the scene behind me is what you would normally expect to
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see. vast amounts of police resources pulling up, a dozen or so vehicles blaring their way through this tape behind me here. we have not seen emergency services departing in a hurry, which may suggest this incident to some degree is under control, but about 50 minutes or so ago, especially the top law enforcement official in the united kingdom, the home secretary on twitter referred to this incident as ongoing. we don't know if that one assailant who appears to have been shot was the only assail t assailant. we don't know the cause of the argument. we hear eyewitnesses referring to there appears to be initial panic. one man inside a hamburger restaurant told to hide beneath the tables as this unfolds. anybody here in central london, london bridge, given the tragic, awful history of the 2017 terror attacks on guard. a city in this part to some degree in lockdown here. we are seeing continued
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emergency services pull up behind me here now. we just heard from the mayor of london, referring to this as likely being terror related and thanked the emergency services. it appears from social media videos, a swift response from british police. the circumstances they say are still unclear as to how this unfolds but about 2:00 today they were called to a premises here where stabbings appear to have occurred. confirmed in the last ten minutes, a number of people stabbed and one man shot. this situation is still unfolding. a matter of hours old, people till being move ad away from pas of buildings. >> as you say, nick, the london metropolitan police well practiced. it has been relatively quiet of
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late after a string of incidents in 2016. today's incident shattering all that. nick paton walsh on the scene there. we'll come back to you soon. max foster is joining us from our london bureau. we are waiting on a press conference from scotland yard, from the london metropolitan police. given what we have heard from them today, which is not a lot of detail, i'm wondering if you can read between the lines when they say that as a precaution they are treating this as a terror-related incident. and then from the london ambulance services calling this a major incident. they are not trying to tamp this down, are they. >> reporter: no. the ambulance service obviously number of people stabbed and someone's been killed that is a major incident. the police will be looking at containing the incident, of course, but trying to look for the motive here. we have to consider the language. when i've spoken to anti-terror police quite recently, their response when there is an instance when it looks serious is to overreact and treat it as
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a terror-related incident before they've got it confirmed. the language, they say they're treating it as terror related as a precaution. they're not saying they have thaefld it's terror related. that's what we're looking at from this press conference. can the police confirm this is terror related. on the bridges, alex, you know this area well, after the last incident in 2017, which had a car involved, they put these big concrete balls along the bridges to avoid that happening again. a car wasn't involved this time. but just with a knife you can cause a huge amount of damage. is it someone a personal grievance or someone part of a wider network, these are the questions we're looking to this press conference for. >> max, i want to play the video of this incident again. i remind your viewers this is graphic. this was shot by a passerby on
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london bridge as the assailant was taken down by police. there it is, right on london bridge. and what you're seeing is the london police -- we'll listendo. >> he has a knife. [ gunshots ] >> we are still awaiting a press conference from the london police. that is the incident that unfolded hours ago on london bridge. the police taking down a man, shooting him, and taking him into custody. we do understand from london
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metropolitan police several people were injured and stabbed. want to bring in my panel of experts, some very well-versed people when it comes to these type of incidents. your reaction when you see the types of -- the law enforcement reaction there and what the police are saying. >> they're very concerned, treating i want as a terrorist attack. they haven't confirmed that, but we saw that video play out. police shooting somebody who is on the ground. why would police shoot somebody who is on the ground, perhaps after their weapon has been taken away? that's not something that would normally happen. there must have been something that really concerned them about what he had. could it have been something like a suicide vest or a fake suicide vest. we saw on that bridge, on that area, 2017, the month of june, a group of three individuals,
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isis-inspiredin terrorists, dri a car into people and stabbing people. they were wearing fake suicide vests and shot by police. a lot of the hallmarks of a potential terrorist attack here but not confirmed by british authorities. >> you don't often hear about gunshots being fired in central london. they don't have that many guns over there. in the wake of the spate of the terror attacks we saw in europe, the police did beef up. there are quick response teams across london for this kind of thing. we understand that according to an eyewitness the police arrived within moments. >> that's right. in many terrorist attacks, most of the people are killed in the first few minutes so there's an impetus to get people on the ground very quickly. the last time this happened in this area, i think it was eight minutes for police to respond. police are nearby because they're concerned. they don't want to have what played out in paris on 2015, a
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gunman through the city killing a lot of people. the quicker you can respond, you can keep the casualty count down. >> peter bergen, we don't want to assume something is terror related, but the london police are saying a as precaution they are treating it as terror. does it look like that to you? >> well, i mean, i take a slightly different point, which is three weeks ago, british authorities lowered the terrorism warning in the country from severe to substantial. if, indeed, this is terrorism, which we don't know, that's going to be hard to explain why they would lower it from the lowest point it's been since august of 2014. substantial still means there is a somewhat high likelihood of an attack, but severe means an attack is very likely. in the wake of this, we may see some soul searching amongst the authorities toen this issue. >> kim dozier, not to split hairs, but we have to differentiate between a
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coordinated terror attack that was perhaps long in the making versus a so-called lone wolf attack, which we have seen quite a few of in europe. >> absolutely. look, at this point, it could be, there's an outside chance this could be, as it was initially reported, some sort of gang-related violence that was mistaken as terrorism. that said, britain might have lowered its warning level, but across europe, and i just got back from talking to officials in turkey, they have been waiting and watching for an isis comeback attack, especially as we approach the holidays. i don't know if black friday counts as a holiday, but the fact of the matter is, after the fall of deutsch, everyone has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. when are they going to declare we are not gone despite what you say. >> we are waiting for the london police to have a press conference. we'll be right back with more.
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several people have been stabbed on london bridge. watch this video of how it happened. >> he has a knife. [ gunshots ] >> oh, my god. >> and we have just gotten more video of this incident in from another vantage point. take a look.
8:17 am
>> from those eyewitness videos, you can hear very clearly someone saying he has a knife and hear those shots fired by the london metropolitan police. i want to go to cnn's nina dos santos. he joins us live on the phone from near the scene. nina, what are you seeing and hearing about the latest? >> reporter: about 200 to 300 yards from the actual scene of the incident where that individual was taken down. this is on the south side of the river thames. on the left, you have a very busy train station, a subway
8:18 am
station, a major thoroughfare for the south part of london. that is closed. a significant number of hir high-rise office buildings, police got people out of these offices because the work they have finished, many buildings had been in lockdown the best part of the last two hours. i've been on the scene since about 45 minutes after the incident took place. we've had a steady procession of marked an unmarked police vehicles, ambulances, a helicopter has been overhead for the best part of the last two or three hours. further south, you can see the videos we brought our viewers a moment ago. you can see that truck, the van further into the distance and of course a number of police cars obviously on the scene with that
8:19 am
individual who allegedly had a knife was allegedly shot. alex? >> nina dos santos on the scene, we'll get back to you shortly. nic robertson, seen your diplomatic editor, has joined us. your impressions when you look at this video. >> i see the similarities to the attack at london bridge just over two years ago in the summer of 2017. the similars that i see are the attacker is using a knife according to one eyewitness. this is a large knife. the attackers back then used dhif knives. london bridge was the venue then. it is today. last time it was a week or so away from a national general election, and it is now just two weeks away from a national general election. those are some of the similarities. we're approaching christmas. this strikes me as well, black friday marks the beginning of buying for christmas if you
8:20 am
will. and that would be a moment when you would expect a radical is m islamic group to do that sort of thing. we don't know that's what this is at this stage. there are other things that concern me about this but that's it for now. >> normally you are based in london. can you set the scene for us, this taking place just before 2:00 p.m. local time on what looks like a nice friday afternoon? >> it would have been busy. i think that london has really settled down after the past couple years, that the last attack has sort of receded a little bit in people's perceptions. peter you were saying before, the threat level has been reduced across the uk. that would give people a greater sense of ease as they go about their day. this is a popular area. people will go down there for lunches. it's very close to business districts. you will find a lot of people
8:21 am
going down just across the burrow market. there would be a lot of people there. this is not what people would be expecting. it's not like a couple of years ago where there have been a number of attacks and people were on tenterhooks. it's not like that. i think as well we see so many police on the scene so quickly. there was a sense last time, 2017, they were slightly lucky there were some officers, fast response officers armed in the vicinity at the time. this time the police seem to have swarmed quickly and very effectively. >> there's much more to break down. we are still waiting on a press conference from scotland yard from the london metropolitan police. we'll take a break and have much more after this. when it comes to using data, everyone is different. which is why xfinity mobile
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8:24 am
specialist officers from the city of london police, and i can confirm that this suspect died at the scene. a number of other people received injuries during this incident. as soon as we can provide further updates on their condition, we will. our heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody who's been involved in this and is anxiously waiting for information on their loved ones. as soon as we can get that information, we will get it to you. as you would expect, due to the nature of the incident, we responded as though this was terror related. i'm in a position to confirm it is a terrorist incident. we're working and continuing to respond. officers from the met counterterrorism command are leading this investigation, but i must stress, we retain an open mind as to any motive. it would be inappropriate to speculate further at this time. due to reports that the suspect may have had an explosive device, specialist officers also attended the scene and wide
8:25 am
cordons are in place to ensure there remains no further danger to the public. however, i can confirm at this time we believe a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device. officers continue to carry out meticulous searches in the area to ensure there is no outstanding threat to the public. those extensive cordons will remain in place for a considerable time, and i would ask the public, please continue to avoid the area. public safety is obviously our top priority. we will be enhancing police patrols both in the city and across london. i would ask anyone with information, image, or footage of the incident that can be shared with our investigation team to do so on the uk police image appeal website. i would also ask the public to continue to remain vigilant and report any concerns that they have to the police. i know i would ordinarily take questions. i'm not going to take questions
8:26 am
at this time. the prime minister has asked for a personal briefing, and i'll be heading with the commissioner of the met to downing street immediately. thank you for your patience. we will update you again when we can. >> all right. the assistant commissioner for the london metropolitan police there briefing reporters, giving us the latest on this incident on london bridge, saying that one male suspect was shot and killed by the police, adding that the suspect had what he called a hoax explosive device on his person. i want to go back to paul crookshank, your reaction. >> that was the scenario i was laying out to you a few minutes ago. why would the police shoot a man on the ground. one of the scenarios was that he had some kind of device. it turns out he had a hoax device. we've seen that before in terrorist attacks, saw that on this same bridge in june 2017, that attack on london bridge and borough market, three terrorists involved in that gun and
8:27 am
vehicle -- sorry, knife and vehicle attack. and they were wearing fake suicide vests and were shot to death by police. why would you wear a fake suicide vest? one of the possible reasons is because you want to be killed in the attack. you don't want to survive the attack. from the jihadi point of view, we do not have confirmation this was a jihadi thing, but they want martyrdom. police are not confirming the motive at this point, not confirming it was a jihadi terrorist attack. >> peter bergen, they are saying now definitively this was a terror incident. >> yeah. i think it's going to make it hard for the authorities to justify just three weeks ago lowering the warning from severe to substantial because clearly this is a terrorist attack that happened almost immediately after then lowering the alert.
8:28 am
but, you know, going back a little bit, nick was mentioning we haven't seen a lot of this recently. the bloom is off the isis rose. no one's joining the losing team. we used to have 1,500 frenchmen join isis and hundreds of people from britain and germany, belgium. that flow has halted and come close to zero. we're going to continue to see these kinds of thins. we saw it in manhattan. an uzbek killed eight people on a bike path as the city of raqqah was falling. it doesn't mean isis inspired attacks won't continue to happen but this is a much less exciting brand. >> kim dozier, can you speak more to that? and is what peter was talking about, the lowering of this terror level, is that a reflection of a growing confidence that i ssis is less
8:29 am
than a threat it once was? >> it might have been part of trying to message to the british public that we've made progress on this fight and also lessening the power of isis. when you have something like this, just the fact they were wearing suicide vest-type things apparently, and the public was getting to see that, that in and of itself spreads the terror. is isis going to be as deadly as before? perhaps not. but it's going to continue to inspire small groups of people to raise the banner and say we're not happy with the way the western world is running things and we will give our lives in this violence. >> nic robertson, the assistant commissioner saying he was going to give the prime minister, boris johnson, a personal briefing. they don't see this incident yet as being over. the cordon is in place. they have asked people to stay aaway. searches are ongoing. >> it will be important for it
8:30 am
to be seen as the prime minister leading this because there will be questions raised about what did the police and the intelligence services know about this attack. the last attack, they were aware of the leader of that group. the last attack involved three people. to the point of the bloom coming off isis at the moment and the point you're making, kimberly, this is just one person. last time it was three. it's harder. these types of attacks are harder to organize and get unde. but briefing the prime minister, this potentially reflects badly on the prime minister in a run-up to a general election that me and many people in certainly the opposition will accuse him of lowering the terror threat threshold for political reasons. there are feelings it should be higher. so there will be a political component in this. i think, you know, this will be important for british, obviously, in the run-up to the election. i think the bigger international
8:31 am
picture is obviously going to be, is this a seasoned campaign by isis in european capitals in the run-up to christmas. >> especially when french intelligence and other european intelligence officials were not seeing a lessening of the threat and had their guard up. there will be political questions asked. >> officials across europe also asking could this happen here. the london metropolitan police moments ago declaring this a terror incident, saying that a male suspect was shot and killed at the scene, that he had what was called a hoax explosive device on his person. he was shot and killed. it is very much an ongoing situation as you can see there. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back with more. in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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welcome back. we are following the attack on london bridge. the london metropolitan police saying that one male suspect was shot and killed. they have declared it a terrorist incident. we have seen video from eyewitnesses of the suspect being taken down and shot. we have just gotten a piece of new video that we're going to show you right there. you can see someone on top of the attacker being pulled away
8:37 am
and moments after that, the police shot and killed the male suspect. we understand from the police that the suspect had on his person what they called a hoax explosive device. we are freezing that, cutting that short for obvious reasons, because it is graphic. but moments after that last frame, the police shot and killed the male suspect. we also understand from the police that a number of people were wound ed in attack. no reports of any deaths. i want to go to the chairman of the uk foreign affairs select committee. thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks. i was. there are no committees in the uk at the moment. >> that is a bit of a wrinkle in the uk election process. but you are a former military officer. you todo have experience in the intelligence world.
8:38 am
what are you hearing about what the police have now officially declared a terrorist incident? >> i'm hearing the same as you, and you heard the metropolitan police commander speaking earlier. he's extremely professional. he's run many sadly such incidents in the past. he has a very good reputation for dealing very well with these. i would listen to him very carefully and take his words seriously. >> is there any sense that there was a broader plot, that this was a bigger attack, sor was this person acting as a so-called lone wol snf. >> -- lone wolf? >> it's far too early to say. there are many people psychologically imbalanced who act in various ways in your country and ours. very sadly, this individual seems to have been pretty psychologically unbalanced. otherwise he wouldn't have
8:39 am
charged into a crowd with a knife wearing a fake bomb. he sounds like he's somebody who was in need of psychiatric care. >> what do you make of the police response both at the scene and now the -- it's been about two hours and 40 minutes since this incident? >> i think at this stage it's far too early to pass any comment at all. i think what's important to do right now is to hand over any information that anybody has to the police and to make sure that we cannot do the work of the terrorists for them and we don't start rebroadcasting footage designed to cause fear and instead remember these incidents are exceptionally unusual. and the way to combat them is to cooperate with the police and to cooperate with the intelligence services should anything come up. but also to make sure people in need of psychiatric care are treated rather than allowed to interact on their desires.
8:40 am
>> can we read anything into the fact that the assistant commissioner there did not declare this incident to be over, the kcordon has not been lifted, there are still searches ongoing? what can we take away from that. >> i'm afraid you'd have to ask the commander on this one because it's really up to -- it's he who would know. it's far too early for me to pass any comments like that. what's much more -- what the police will be doing at this stage is collecting evidence, really, as well as making sure that the situation is secure. so it's i suspect -- what they're most likely doing is evidence gathering. >> last question. he understand the home office just weeks ago lowered the threat level to substantial, which means an attack is still quite likely. but is that a reflection of a confidence since a spate of
8:41 am
attacks in 2017? why would the home office have lowered the threat level? >> so there's a very, very clear procedure on how threat levels are changed in the united kingdom, and it's changed according to very specific intelligence and targeting and to patterns of activity. so i'm afraid i'm not going to go through the details as to why that would have happened in this circumstance, but in fact you can see on the website, the home office website, exactly how they make the decisions. >> all right. former chair of the uk foreign affairs select committee, thank you so much for joining me and giving us your thoughts and expertise. i want to get straight back to our reporters on the ground. we have nina dos santos, who is near the scene of the london bridge incident. nina, we understand you've been speaking with someone who witnessed this attack. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. i'm going to bring her in in
8:42 am
just a second. but let me show you the scene so far thp it far. this is the closest you can get to the incident. the cordon extend 200 to 300 meters behind me. since the last two or three hours, i've been witnessing police vehicles, marked and unmarked, going back and forth as well as a heavy police presence. what we have now going on is buildings, many office buildings here that are currently being evacuated. people have been stuck in there for the last two or three hours. it is friday. they need to get home so they've got a coordinated effort between the police and the local security guards to try and move people out of the buildings. let me bring in our witness here, olivia, who was just coming off london bridge, weren't you, when you heard the commotion. >> yes. i was coming on my bike, and i heard explosions and then the police came and told all the cars to stop going. all of a sudden, a whole flood of people were running, looked
8:43 am
absolutely terrified and i sort of was just asking them what was going on, what was happening, and one said there was explosions and everyone kept running, running, running. >> when you say explosions, could they have been gunshots? >> i didn't understand at the time. it was when the police came and told us to stop and a person told me it was gunshots. >> how concerned were you and how panicked were the people? >> everyone was incredibly panicked, really stressed out, didn't know what was going on, and everyone just made everyone else continue to run. >> reporter: this is the second time you've had a lucky escape from an incident like this. >> yes. i was also in the boston marathon attacks in 2013. sort of 20 minutes or something, just before it actually happened, and a very similar thing, having a flood of people just running and not really knowing what was happening and just fear, a huge amount of fear
8:44 am
on their faces. you could feel it as well in the energy of just everyone stressing out. >> reporter: today felt the same. >> yes. and it reminded me of that after when i finished and sort of got to a place where people were calming down and then i remember thinking that was just the same. >> reporter: how does that make you feel today, two lucky escapes? >> afraid, i think, and also the fact that in the two episodes, everyone should have had the same reaction of just panic and just running, it's just a really scary environment. >> reporter: have you had any other friends who have been caught up in this incident, work colleagues? >> no, not work colleagues. i just spoke to quite a few people afterwards who i shared the experience of running with. >> reporter: olivia, thank you very much for sharing your story with cnn. thank you. as you could hear there, olivia works locally, was just cycling
8:45 am
off london bridge here, just as she said a number of years ago, she was leaving the scene of the finishing line at the boston marathon. >> nina, we're going to go to to london's mayor. >> i'm in close contact with officers at scotland yard and have been kept updated this afternoon. it has been confirmed by a number of people injured in the attacks, some seriously. my heart goes out to them, their families, and all those affected. as soon as it's possible to provide an update on their condition, the met police will do so. i'd ask you to please respect the privacy of those affected. emergency service responders attended the scene, including officer ps from the city of lonn and metropolitan police. a male suspect was shot by
8:46 am
specialist armed officers from the city of dlon polilondon pol officers and died at the scene. i want to thank our brave emergency service responders who responded to this attack. they put their lives on the line for us to keep us safe. i'd like to thank members of the public who risked their own safety this afternoon. they are of us. terrorism is cowardly and evil. we must and will stand united and resolute in the face of terror. those who seek to attack us and divide us will never succeed. i'd ask all londoners to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police. i'll take some questions. [ inaudible question ]
8:47 am
right. i think it's important for the commissioner to answer questions about that and the investigation. it's really important the police have the time to complete their investigation. they'll answer questions in due course. [ inaudible question ] well, anybody who's got images of this afternoon either caught on their phone or other devices, please share that with the police. there is a website set up to share those images. it's important you do so. also respect the identity of the armed officers. alleges what's remarkable about the images we've seen is the breathtaking heroism of members of the public who literally ran towards danger, not knowing what
8:48 am
confronted them. we do know from a statement give b given by the commissioner, there appeared to be a device on the suspect. people didn't realize that was a hoax device. they are the best of us. another example of the bravery and heroism of ordinary londoners risking their own personal safety. thank you to them on behalf of all londoners but also because it shows the best of us. >> the mayor of london, sadiq khan, speaking with reporters, confirming it was a terror incident and a male suspect was shot and killed. the london mayor thanking the city police who responded in just moments to that incident and commending members of the public for their bravery and risking their lives in this incident. we've got much more ahead. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of london bridge which in the past hour the mayor of london, sadiq khan,
8:54 am
has said the incident was terror related. they confirmed a male suspect was shot and killed, that he had a hoax explosive device on him. nic robertson, the london mayor thanking members of the public for risking their lives. >> i'm looking at a tweet from boris johnson. >> i want to thank the emergency services and immediate public for their bravery. you can see in one video a man walking away from the suspect on the ground and is holding the large knife or a large knife. we certainly heard witnesses describe a large knife. this man is in civilian clothing. so he looks like a member of the public. i don't think it's unusual now in london to recognize the fact that in these types of situations people, members of the public, will step up and try to intervene if they can. you know, render a situation safe. we also saw someone in civilian clothes wrestling that man on the ground. >> what are authorities doing
8:55 am
now that the main suspect has been shot and killed? >> they want to make sure nobody more is killed today. they'll look at whether he had connections to other extremists. we suppose he is an extremist in the united kingdom. they'll look at that. trying to identify him. we don't know if there was just one attacker or perhaps multiple attackers. authorities have not let us know. there has to be concern moving ahead. >> they have not removed that cordon. the investigation is ongoing. we'll have more on the continuing story after this. 0 qs in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people."
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. several stabbed and a suspect shot and dead in what police call a terror incident on london bridge. >> a male suspect was shot by specialist armed officers from the london city of police. this suspect died at the scene. as you would expect, due to the nature of the incident, we responded as though this was terror related. i'm now in position to confirm it has been declared a terrorist incident. we believe a device that was strapped to the b


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